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Project 52 in 2012 version

Project 52-2012 Version

1. Read 12 new bookscompleted April 28, 2012
  • It Takes a Village Idiot-Complicating the Simple Life by Jim Mullen
  • A Passion For Books by Terry Glaspey
  • Dear Stranger, Dearest Friend by Laney Katz Becker
  • Whoopi Goldberg Book by Whoopi Goldberg
  • How Did I Get To Be 40 and Other Atrocities by Judith Viorst
  • Woodstock Revisited Edited by Susan Reynolds
  • The Funny Thing Ellen DeGeneres
  • License to Pawn by Rick Harrison
  • Celebrity Detox by Rosie O'Donnell
  • Unauthorized Biography of Sinatra by Kitty Kelly
  • If You Asked Me and You Won't by Betty White
  • "W" by James Patterson

      2. See 12 new movies completed 3/12/2012
      • The Game
      • You Again
      • Invictus
      • MonteCarlo
      • My Sisters Keeper
      • Deuces Wild
      • Anonymous
      • Larry Crowne
      • Blade Runner
      • In Time
      • Tooth Fairy
      • Johnny Mnemonic

      3. Take 52 photos of myself (one each week) and post In Progress
      4. Take 30 days straight of photography and post In Progress
      5. Finish my A-Z photo challenge completed April 28, 2012
      6. Open a savings account
      7. Send everyone in the family a birthday card
      8. Rejoin a gym
      9. Try Zumba Completed March 24th10. Ditch soda and go to water only!
      11. Help the hubbyDetermined that hubby cannot drive due to medical reasons and daughter-in-law get their license
      12. See a play at the Muny cannot do moved out of state
      13. Throw a party completed Jan. 31, 2012
      14. Meditate consistently
      15. Get a massage completed April 2012
      16. Form a team and do Relay For Life completed May 5, 2012
      17. Go swimming once a week
      18. Train for and do Race for the Cure Was out of state when this happened
      19. Create bracelets to help fund Leukemia foundation 
      20. Go to Las Vegas and visit my brother and family Completed June 2012
      21. Have lunch/dinner with my cousins at least 3 times1moved out of state
      22. Have lunch/dinner with my best friends at least 3 times1moved out of state
      23. Learn to make a quilt
      24. Go to at least one concert completed Dec 2012
      25. Go to one new place completed April 2012-went to Hist. Museum
      26. Visit my hubby’s family in California Not going to happen
      27. Help hubby get a new job
      28. Return to getting up by 8:30AM In Progress
      29. Scrapbook a year 2 for the grand-daughter In Progress
      30. Keep my other blogs up to date In progress
      31. Adopt a child from Child International or similar organization
      32.  Make my own candles
      33.  Help 12 people (not necessarily known to me) in a special way
      34.  Do the Balloon Illumination walk for Leukemia out of state
      35.  Write pen pals once a month in progress
      36   Help my grand-daughter with her speech in progress moved out of state
      37.  Attend First Night  completed Jan 1, 2012
      38. Buy new sheets for my bed bought for me! :)
      39. See a Cardinals game moved out of state/season over
      40. Take my niece, Nina somewhere special moved out of state
      41. Take my daughter-in-law, Mary out somewhere special moved out of state
      42. Take my son, Josh out somewhere special moved out of state
      43. Take my daughter, Natasha out somewhere special moved out of state
      44. Take Tamirisc to the Star Trek exhibit completed March 11th
      45. Buy or have made new curtains for our room
      46. Print and frame 3 of my photos
      47. Take a photography class  (began class Jan. 10th)dropped class
      48. Lose 10 pounds within a 2 week period lost 9 in one week!
      49. Begin Medi-cal or similar and stick with it (Began Slim Fast 1/14
      50. Get a manicure/pedicure
      51. Cook something new out of the Biggest Loser Cookbook
      52. Plant a tree


      1. ok so the lines through but no complete date..are these ones you decided not to do?

        1. No, the lines through means I completed them.

      2. A great idea! I`m all into personal projects. Wishing you all the strength, persistance and good organization :)


      3. Cool list! I'd like to do more photography projects myself.


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