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Monday's Music Moves Me...No Theme Week #MondaysMusicMovesMe

"Music is the vernacular of the human soul." 
-Geoffrey Latham

Hello and happy September again. It's Monday's Music Moves Me time again. I swear it was just yesterday. Time is flying! I am not going to blab on today because I am feeling a bit weird-ish. Not sure what that is about. Anyway, let's get right into the music. First, don't forget to get in on the giveaway, it is on my side bar. Now, let's dance!

This week we are sans theme so, I get to pick some tunes and hope you'll bop along with me or at least like what I have for you. Leave me a comment about them will you? We all like those.

First up: Thinking about September...

Next: and some more...

Finally: and one more.


  1. I've always enjoyed Neil Diamond's voice.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved your oldies today I agree time flies so quick I find the older I get the quicker it goes gawd I'm dreading turning 21 ..."coughs" :-)

    Have a septembertastic day :-)

  3. Nice songs. Enjoyed them. Neil has one of the greatest voices ever.

  4. I just did a Battle of the Bands that was based on "September Song." Great hearing Andy Williams. He was my parents' favorite singer, and he had a great show when I ws a kid.

  5. Loved your choices my friend! Earth Wind & Fire was my favorite... Those were my party days! Woo Hoo... Rock on!

  6. Michelle, These are all excellent "September" songs. I never tire of hearing them. Andy Williams had such a silky smooth voice. I love everything I've ever heard by him. Years ago, Andy Williams was in Knoxville and DH saw him. He was genuinely nice and appreciative of the recognition shaking DH's hand saying it's a pleasure to meet you. I was not there, but I would have loved it! :)


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