Tuesday, May 29, 2012

10 Thoughts Tuesday...May 29, 2012


1. Hey there! Welcome back to another addition of 10 Thoughts Tuesday. I throw out my thoughts and you throw some out back at me. Join me. Won't you?

2. Doesn't it seem like the days just fly by. I cannot believe we are in to the end of May and pushing on it to June.

3. It is going to be a hot one I think!

4. Speaking of hot, hot, HOT! Over the weekend being on the track it was record temps at 98 degrees.  I seriously thought I was going to melt in to my chair. Even having tons of water and sunscreen, I still got a sunburn.

5. I just got word that my hubby did not get the job he applied for. 

6. I am so annoyed by all this stuff. We are separated right now so he can get work and yet....

7. Ok, now I am just plain angry.

8. Moving on...if there was ever a time that I just wanted to run off  to the woods and build a tree house. Now is that time.

9. Oh, I suppose I should tell you what I sort of mean. When I was a kid, my grandparents house was on the backside of a fairgrounds separated by a small forest. We would go back in there and build forts and all sorts of stuff. It was a haven.

10. It is Tuesday and I tend to order Chinese. I think I am going to do that then go watch the 2nd episode of the Hatfields and the McCoys. Have you been watching?

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Peace...Naila Moon

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mondays Music Moves Me...Memorial Day 2012

Hello everyone, it is late Monday and I am just getting back in the groove after being gone over the weekend.  If it is ok with you, I am just going to post one or maybe two videos this week. It is "freebie" week so I can post anything I want. hee hee

Before I get to that though, I need to inform you of two exciting things. Well, at least I think they are exciting!

1st-I will be co-hosting all next month the 4M's. If you have not been posting to this great meme hosted by Xmas Dolly then you have been missing out!

2nd-NOW is a really good time to start posting because...(tell her I sent ya)

So, for that video or two. In honor of Memorial Day.

Peace...Naila Moon

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pre-Memorial Day ...why I went

By the time you read this, I will already be in Indianapolis for the Memorial Day weekend 500 car race.  I will certainly be hot but I will not be alone as there will be thousands others.

However, I most likely will be the only person, other than my Mom, who will be there remembering my Dad and laying his ashes to rest.

You see, my Dad began going to the races practically from the time he was born. Since he was born in Indiana, it sort of makes sense. He went every year except for when my twin brothers were born and when I graduated from High School...truth be known, I think he went then. He was unable to go the last two years of his life due to his health.

In any case, he was a crazy fan. So crazy that come May 1st, Dad started watching the stats and all on TV and you best just not bother him.

But coming to Indianapolis was like coming home for Dad. He cried when the song "My Home in Indiana" was sung and cried again at the end of the race.  Yes, Indianapolis was indeed home and that is where he always told us where he wanted to be in the end...home!

Dad passed away last June and was cremated per his wishes. It was always understood that we were to bring his ashes to Indianapolis 500 the very next race...aka this weekend...and spread his ashes over the track as best as we could.

My brothers could not make it for reasons of their own and have decided to come later. However, my Mom and I are here. We are braving the horrible heat, swollen ankles and such to be here. Here where Dad wanted to be....Home in Indiana.

I miss you Dad. 

Love to you always,
Your Mashugana

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Featured Faces Friday...May 25, 2012

Welcome to Featured Faces Friday. The day I spotlight two of my followers until I have no more to spotlight (secretly hope that doesn't happen). I am posting on Thursday this week. Let's get to it shall we...people have BBQ's to get to and pools to open. This is one of the stuffs I know. lol
~Naila Moon


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Dave has been following me for at least a year now.  I do not see much of him but sheesh, how could I? This man is a traveling maniac. If you want to know anything and I do mean ANYTHING about traveling, he is your man! Thanks for following me.

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Kat started following about a year or so ago as well. I think she originally found me from the Follow 40 brig-aid. In any case, Kat lives down there in Florida soaking up the sunshine on the beach. Duh, such the name of her blog. (Gosh, I wish I was down there with you.)  Anyway, she is busy moving but I am pretty sure that she will take the time out to say hi.  Thanks for following Kat.