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*Z and the end


My regular followers know that I have spoken about my cousin whom I call the Zumba Queen. She began Zumba as a way to lose weight and be healthy in mind, body and spirit. To date she has lost 100+ pounds and has learned a ton about being healthy.

She recently received her certification to teach children's Zumba and even water Zumba.  She has inspired me to be health wise.

Ever since she started Zumba, she has been on me to try it out. She said it would be fun and I would be hooked. Being unconvinced, I was reluctant to try it out. However, I made the, asked her... to lead Zumba for the Relay For Life fundraiser I was having.
She gladly accepted but insisted on me trying it out...for the fundraiser of course.

What I found was I really did have a good time. I loved the music and the dancing (even though I mainly shuffled my feet). Oh and yes, I will probably do it again! Shh...don't tell her that.

Well, here I am at the end of…

Monday's Music Move Me...April 30, 2012

It is Monday folks and that can only mean it is once again time for Monday's Music Moves Me.  This week is a freebie week which means I get to pick the tunes sans theme.

It just happens to also be the last day of April and the last day of the A-Z challenge. If you have not been catching up with all my post please go and check them out. Today is "Z". Comment if you wish. Thanks.

Anyway, on to the music.
I was recently downloading some tunes to my Mom's new mp3 player. I have to tell you, it took me awhile! I could not figure out how to do it to save my life. Today I am going to share with you a few.

First up: 



Great aren't they?
Peace...Naila Moon



I have mentioned on numerous occasions that I really like checking out Pinterest (my button is on my page if you want to add me). Before Easter I found a project using yarn to make string eggs. It was a project I actually had remembered doing as a kid in grade school. Well, sort of anyway. 

If you want complete instructions on how to make them go here. I will tell you that this is not the original one I found (I can't seem to find it again) and it calls for spray stiffener when we actually used Stay Flo liquid starch and glue.

One afternoon my daughter and I decided to try this out.  We decided to use the string you see in the above photo. Isn't it pretty? 
I can tell you now that we should have used yarn because it is thicker and seems to stay on the balloons better.

We wrapped the balloons to what we thought were ideal and left them to dry. We had to be very careful not to get them too sticky or the string simply did not adhere to the balloons. 

It took several days for even…


*Xacto knives

My husband is a airplane model enthusiast and often uses Xacto knives as part of his modeling. Not too long ago, I bought him a new set because his were not sharp enough for what he needed to do. He gave me his old set which I was glad to accept. I do a lot of scrap booking and was needing a set.

Even though he had a new set, I just knew that if I did not somehow mark the boxes, he would get mine mixed up with his. Enters my daughter.

She decided the best way to solve the possible (and most likely probable) problem was to decorate the boxes each set came in. So, she took to marker and pen and decorated each in her lovely style.

Now I have a set of Xacto knives to use with a style all my own and I couldn't be happier.

~Naila Moon


*Weather Watchers

Recently I  mentioned about my friend, Stephen who is a massive Star Trek Fan (go here). He also just happens to be a severe weather watcher and storm chaser.

A few months ago he took classes so he could have a ham operators license. He informed me in case of severe emergencies ham operators are often called upon to get information out or to assist in the emergency if needed. He has also a good car for storm chasing.

Whenever severe weather is in our area, he is out watching and reporting to networks of other people who report to the weather stations.  Living in the Midwest it is a comfort to know there are people out there, like him, that do this. He has even called my hubby and I on occassion to make sure we are ok or that we have taken shelter. Again, a comfort.

A year ago, around this time, Stephen found his home town to be in the wake of a severe tornado. Many things he remember as a kid in to his adulthood were wiped away in an instance including his brother's …