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Absolute chaos!
That is what my Dad and Grandma both told me about the day I was born in January on 1968. 
They both told me that it was a blizzard outside in Nashville. Yeah, you heard me, I was born during a blizzard.

Dad told me one time, "Your Mother was calmly sewing on buttons to her coat while she was in labor with you. Your Grandma was running around trying to get your Mother's stuff together. I was looking frantically for the keys."

My Mom said about the day, "Yeah, I was sewing buttons on my coat. It was cold out after all. Your Dad scared me half to death with his driving in the blizzard and your Grandma was scared for me and you."

In spite of my Dad's driving, my Grandma going half crazed and my Mom's calmness, we all got to the hospital on time.

The rest is history.

Well, that is how I first made my appearance in the world.  I won't bore you with the long version of the sorted details up until now. Who wants to hear that anyway.

Peace...Naila M…


Hear ye, hear ye, it is finally hear ye. *chuckles*
Tomorrow begins the April A-Z challenge. 

I have blogged about it before and I can't be more excited.  I have never done this challenge so life should be interesting this next month. 

If you want to join in, I am sure it is not too late. Click on the button and join right in. 

Of course make sure you come back tomorrow and check out my blog. These special blogs will have an * in the title so that they are not confused with my regular blogs.

Peace...Naila Moon

10 Thoughts Tuesday/March 27, 2012

Welcome to another addition of 10 thoughts Tuesday. Want to join in? Sure you can. All I ask is you simply link back to me so I can come check out your thoughts today.I am listening to Pandora Radio. It is all '80s music for me right now. Keeps me going since I am doing stuff for my mom.Speaking of which. She won a $500 gift card to a local craft store and shared some of it with me! Oh yes, I was in heaven.I spent it on scrapbook stuff.  I now have paper galore! Whee....Did you happen to see my photography blog yesterday? My hair...oh, my...What you really couldn't tell was that she french braided my hair. That is pretty cute and Tamirisc like it. Our fundraiser did not go so well on Saturday. I was truly disappointed. However, we must move forward and keep trying to raise funds. The walk is in May so we still have plenty of time.Sheesh...I just relized I have taken hours to write my thoughts.I better hurry.Ok, I am done. Just got finished watching Biggest Loser. I have to go …

Mondays Music...Favorite Male Artist

Oh, it  is unbelievable that it is already Monday again. Most people cannot stand today but I find it not to be too bad. I mean after all, I get to post the tunes and boogie on down with Xmas Dolly for Mondays Music Moves Me.

This week is the theme Favorite Male Artist. 

If you have followed me before or should I say danced with me before, then you know I have no real favorites when it comes to music. However, I am quite sure I can come up with a few that I truly like in this category. 

Hmmm...let's start out with this guy. He will always melt me heart strings.

Up next let's go with this guy: (Note: this one starts 2.25 minutes in to the video but well worth it. Do you get the joke and see other greats?)

Oh my gosh...I am realizing there are so many. Ok, well, let me go next with this guy. He made me swoon, like many other ladies back in the day.

I am just going to end with this guy because...well, just because, why not?!

Peace...Naila Moon

PS>Ok, so I have one more!

10 Thoughts Tuesday/March 20th/Spring Edition

Welcome to another addition of 10 thoughts Tuesday. Today would be the 1st Day of Spring 2012 edition! Whoooo.....Today was gorgeous outside. It did not rain a drop today and the clouds were simply gorgeous. I should have gone and played in a pond or something.Instead, I went shopping with my daughter and grand-daughter. We bought flip flops for the daughter. After all, it is flip flop season...always!I did get a massage today. A real massage. Oh, I was in heaven. I have needed one like in oh...four years! The best thing, it was free!Came home just before 7PM to watch the Biggest Loser while eating leftover corn beef and cabbage. Um....maybe not the greatest idea in the book.My family and I are gearing up to hold a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society's, Relay For Life. If you would like to donate on my behalf, I would so appreciate it.Our fundraiser will include massages, Zumba (lead by the Zumba Queen), tarot reads for entertainment purposes and trivia. We hope it does wel…

Music Moves Me...late edition

You know this past week was St. Patrick's Day...the luck of the Irish and all that "stuff ya know". (hee hee)  Well, today I got lucky too!(get your heads out of the gutter)  I was picked once again to be in the dance Spotlight for Monday Music Moves Me.

I have to say WOW!!!! I am humbled once again for such an honor. I hope I live up to it today. I mean after all, I am already late with posting today. sheesh....

Today is a "Freebie" and that means I get to pick what ever music I want and hope you enjoy. I thought today I might honor a cousin of mine. Her name is Melissa, although I call her Missy. I have mentioned her before as being the Zumba Queen.  She found Zumba at a low part in her life and it has become a stepping off point for her. She is happy and exudes a positive outlook on life in spite of great adversity. She is an inspiration. So, this day is for her.

...And just because she is queen!

Love you Missy....
Naila Moon