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Memories of the heart

Have you ever been some place or waiting for something and a memory just floods back at you? It could even be a memory that was long forgotten or maybe even never remembered until that very moment in time?

This is exactly what happened to me today.   I was waiting in my car as my husband was filling up the gas tank. A memory of my Dad came rushing at me at such a pace that I could almost not breathe.

Here is the memory:
A few years back, I was at home in the early evening/afternoon.  I received a call from my doctors office informing me of some test results I had previously that week.  The results were that I was diagnosed with having diabetes type 2.  I remembered that I was totally upset and called my Dad. (I do not remember where my Mom was). 

Over the phone he said not to worry and that I would be alright and "we" would do what we had to do.  He calmed me down and I told him ok. Then I hung up wit him.

I had calmed myself for about 10 minutes when he walks in the door but my …

Another Monday!...4M's

Here we are at another Monday. Whew, time has flown as it is the end of January already!  Well, as it is Monday, that means it is also Monday's Music Moves Me.  This week we have the theme of Broadway Musicals.

I thought I would give you a little tid bit about Broadway Musicals before I pile in with my selections for this week.

Broadway Musical Facts
1. The musicals started Sept. 12, 1866
2. The first musical in New York was The Black Crook
3. Vaudeville was the first of the musicals
4. Contrary to first thought, of A Chorus Line, the longest running musical is Phantom of the Opera. It has been running since 1988 without closing.

My picks
I have been privledged to see a couple of Broadway Musicals...just not on Broadway.  So, I do have a couple of favorites.

I really enjoy this one. I saw it in Colorado:

I saw this one at the Muny in St. Louis:

This is a favorite although, I actually have never seen it in theatre:

Peace...Naila Moon

Pinterest love...

Have you caught the bug that is going around? You know the Pinterest bug?
Oh my gosh, I have! I so love that site now. People have said it is addicting and it is, I think even more than Facebook! Is that possible?

As if I was not already head over heals for this site, I found a blogger that feeds right in to that. Her name is Natasha (how could I not love that name) and she has a weekly meme that links up with Pinterest. Whee....

If you want a fun time. I suggest link up!

So, since this is my first time linking up with her meme. I am posting (per her "rules) the pins or a pin I have found interesting to me this week.  I am also posting the link to my board in case you might want to follow me. It is after all, all about having fun!
Again, I say...whee....

My Pins for the week:

This week happens to be my Grand-daughter's 2nd birthday. I am throwing her a small gathering and wanted to have a themed party.  I found this from another blogger. Too cute!

Source: theiowafarmerswife.b…

Pen Pal Project ...wanna join?

The art of writing has almost virtually been lost with the computer as our "friend". Sometimes it is simply just fun to do our writing by hand.  Besides, who does not like receiving good mail? I know I do!

Last year or possibly the year before, I joined in a pen pal project from another blogger. It was fun to meet new people and write to them. YES, actually set down with pen and paper and write to them.

However, my pen pals all but fizzled out and I am not sure the lady who originally signed up the pen pals even still runs the group.

So, I have decided to have my own group and I want to invite you to join in.
All you have to do is leave me a comment and  e-mail me the following:

**What I need from you in your email to sign up:
full name,
mailing address,
link to your blog( if you have one) **

I will pair you up with another pen pal. I will e-mail you with who your pen pal(s) are.
It will be up to the two of you to corroespond.

The only thing I additionally request is the …

My nephew, leukemia and the shocker I received

A while back I mentioned to you that my nephew had been diagnosed with leukemia. It has been a hard thing to take it that anyone has cancer but especially when that "someone" is only eight years old.

It has been tough to know my nephew was half way around the world and I simply could not do much for him or his parents but support them as I could.

However, recently I read an article (attached below) about my nephew which was written by his sister.  I have to tell you when I saw his photo (which she also took) I could not help but cry.  It took me aback to say the least.

If you note in the article she tells how my nephew's bone marrow donor also has backed out.  I am not sure how someone could live with themselves knowing they have the opportunity to save a life but it is what it is.

I urge you to please, please, PLEASE get yourself tested if you are able too. If you are not a match for my nephew, you might be for someone else...maybe even in your own family. Think about it. H…

Mondays Music...Freebie/Space Jammin'

Wow, it is Monday once again and that can only mean it is time for Mondays Music Moves Me hosted by Xmas Dolly.
This week it is a "free" week which I picks the tunes sans theme.

My daughter was visiting me this week as she was recovering from surgery and was asking me what the 4M's was all about. So, after explaining she said how about something along the lines of Space Jam? As I had no other ideas that sounded good to me. So, in honor of the daughter...

First up:

Next up:

Final round for you:

Peace...Naila Moon

Mondays Music Moves Me...Jan. 16th

It is Monday Music Moves hosted by Xmas Dolly and the train crew.
This week the theme is your wedding dance music or music from when you were 21 years old (assuming you are that old-lol).

I chose this week to do both.  Some of you may know that Tamirisc and I got married in 2008 in our condo so, we did not have "dance music" per se.  However, we did have a song or two associated with our small ceremony. The first song I wish to share with you is "our song" and the one playing when we fell head over heals for each other. (I realize I have posted this before but after all...)

So, moving on. When I was 21, (1989 for those that really want to know) I was very pregnant with my second son.  By then I also already had my daughter who was going to be two. Life for me at that time was a bit chaotic and all I can say is somewhat a blur. I cannot say I had a favorite piece of music. In fact, I had to go look up what was playing then.  I found a few that I could say I …

Words..part 1

"The words we use can uplift or destroy. Be careful of your words." 
~MR...Naila Moon

Mondays Music Moves Me...

Hey there, welcome back to the 9th day of the new year. It is Monday and that only means rocking out with our host Xmas Dolly. Last week I got the sheer privledge to dance with my hubby in the spotlight...what a treat! He swung me around Bloggerville, stepped on my toes a few times (seriously, the man really can't dance), and listened to the beat of others boogie-ing on down.

This week, as every other Monday happens to be, is a "free" week. That means I get to choose the tunes theme free.  Since it is a new year I thought I should start off with a bang.

Movin' on:

Next up:

Not to be out done: 

Oh and for a bonus...did I mention it was my birthday on Thursday:

Peace...Naila Moon

Project 52-2012 Version

It is two days into the new year and I am late on posting this. I have already let things get in my way and that is just not going to happen again past today.  So, let me get to this ok?  I already put my tab in place for my 52 goals of the year. 
If you don't mind, I am going to list them here too. It is a good reminder none-the-less. Right? RIGHT!

1.Read 12 new books
2. See 12 new movies
3. Take 52 photos of myself (one each week) and post
4. Take 30 days straight of photography and post
5. Finish my A-Z photo challenge
6. Open a savings account
7. Send everyone in the family a birthday card
8. Rejoin a gym
9. Try Zumba
10.Ditch soda and go to water only!
11.Help the hubby and daughter-in-law get their license
12.See a play at the Muny
13.Throw a party
14.Meditate consistently
15.Get a massage
16.Form a team and do Relay For Life
17.Go swimming once a week
18.Train for and do Race for the Cure
19.Create bracelets to help fund Leukemia foundation
20. Go to Las Vegas and visit my brother and family

Mondays Music Moves Me...2012/Duets

Hey, Happy New Year everyone! It is another brand new year and it is Monday so that can only mean a brand new Mondays Music  hosted by Xmas Dolly.

Before I get too far ahead here, I was going to congratulate the Spotlight Dancers for the first of the year. As it turns out, my hubby and I happen to be those dancers. LOL!!! A duet for "Duets"!!
So, congrats honey for your first time out. Let's boogie with the others...ok?  Thanks, Dolly and all the others from the train.  

Now, to start the year off the theme is duets.  Sounds fun to me to start off rockin' in the new year, so let's get to it shall we?

Let's start off with this classic:

Moving right along (*snickers*):

How about this duo:

Why not one more to start out the new year right:

Happy New Year everyone! Peace...Naila Moon