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I refuse to change!

If you are a big time Facebooker like me, then you have already seen the uproar that is taking place over there. No, I do not mean the fact that Farmville was going to be off line for an hour or the fact that they changed the face of Facebook. No, what I mean is the uproar that is going on with the change in the zodiac signs.


Not long ago, I blogged about the Butterfly Project.
I also mentioned that I was going to be doing that project as part of my 52 Project.  
Well, today I worked on just that, finished it and wanted to share the finished products.

I decopaged both projects.  For the first one I added wire and believe it or not an old register tape spool.

For the second one, I made the butterfly itself out of paper dollies and ribbon.  I really like the hands on that one.

Hope you enjoyed looking at this project as much as I liked making it. If you wish to also do the Butterfly Project, there is still time. Go to my link above and you can get details.

Peace...Naila Moon

Learning to Dance In the Rain

"Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain."~Vivian Green
Over the holidays I was reminded about how precious life is and how we should never take if for granted. Case in point is my relationship with my Dad.

 I have not spoken too much here about my Dad's condition but I would like to if you will allow me the moment or two.  You see my Dad is dying.  I know, I know...we all are in truth, but my Dad literally only has a few more days of life left.

You see, my Dad is dying of cancer. He has it spread throughout different parts of his body and was given 2 months to live. That was going on almost 2 months ago.  His life in the last few years was mundane and well, in my mind forgettable. Our relationship was extremely strained. In fact, I was angry with him for years.

So, how I learned to dance?  Well, over the holidays, I decided to talk...really talk with my Dad. Tell him how I felt and clear the air so to speak.

The conve…

Am I crazy or what???

A couple of days ago I came across a blog called Cheap Therapy.
I then thought, ok, I could use a little and checked it out.  What I found was a funny lady. Ok, cheap, funny and good therapy. I can do that.

What I also found was a project that she and another  blogger, Karen's World are doing.  The project is called appropriately Project 52.

What the project does is to list 52 things you would like to accomplish throughout the year. I know, sounds like resolutions..right?  Well, not exactly. It is goals you really want to do, the majority of them being things you have never done before. Then the real kicker is you have to check in once a week with your buddies and see how you are doing. Accountability is key!

So, I thought...why not?  So, I started writing the list 2 days ago! It turns out that this was not as easy of a task as I first thought. I mean sure, win a million dollars or own my own plane. Sounds good but I do not think at this time in my life that I can quite be accountable…

What would you do?

I came across an article today on NPR
that was discussing a college class assignment that was...well, shall we say life giving. My husband and I got in to a discussion about it and now I want to discuss it with you.

You can read at the link above or read on. 
In a nut shell, the professor of this college class at St. Mary's College in Maryland, gave the following class assignment:
Should he donate one of his own healthy kidneys? 

They were to argue one way or the other and give him reason why or why not. The final say would be his of course.
This would not seem to be any big deal except that he really IS considering doing just that!

 Although, his class recommended that he not do it because they basically said it is quite personal, I have to give the guy kudos for even considering it.

There are many people out there waiting for all sorts of transplants.  I am not encouraging you to go out and donate a kidney but I am asking you to at least mark on your license that you will donate. I have…