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The stuff ya know but don't always want to...

As 2010 comes to a close, like so many other people, I am reflecting on the year and looking in to next year.
This past year was tough on so many people and my family was not immune to that fact. My aunt's breast cancer journey was awful, tough and inspirational all at the same time. I am happy to say, she survived it! Blessed be!

However, moving in to the end of the year, our family was hit with another blow. This one much closer to home and one I have thus far silently dealt with.
My Dad was diagnosed with lung, liver and colin cancer a few weeks ago and was given only1-2 months to live. Essentially, they have given him until the end of January...if then.

The family that could fly home (us) or was near home came for Christmas. It was wonderful, not sad at all but joyful. It reminded me of what Christmas was always like at home.

I stayed an extra week this week because I needed too. I needed to talk with Dad a while and clear the air for we had a tumultous relationship for a few years…

Snowflakes...the paper kind that is

So, my loyal readers, by now you know I am in a couple of pen pal groups.

Oh, you didn't know...ok, well on.

Anyway, these groups are attempting to bring back the old fashioned form of writing that many of us grew up with.  I personally had many pen pals when I was growing up. I now have 5 new ones.

Yesterday, in an attempt to get all letters sent out to my pen pals, I got this crazy idea.  I decided to make each of them their very own paper snowflake. 

Side note to said pen pals: If you are following me, be surprised ok?

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share with you not only how to make a paper snowflake but I actually made a video (which is following) as a fun way to show you how.
It is great to do with kids or if you just want some snowy decor.  Believe me, I do not think my paper snowflakes came out as good as these photos I am sharing with you but aren't all real snowflakes different? hee hee

Here is also a photo of how to make them simply.

I would love to se…


Sometimes I get inspired by the simplest things. Tonight I have been inspired by a butterfly (and another blogger). Well, not an actual one but by The Butterfly Project.You can click on the link for more information.

This project speaks to me for a couple of reasons on the knowledge that of the 6 million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust, 1.5 million of them were children...CHILDREN!

The second reason is that the one thing that my Dad has known about his biological parents was that they were Jewish immigrants. He knows nothing much else about them.  I have always wondered if they came to the U.S. to flee persecution? Did their families perish along with so many others?  In essence, this is personal.

I have visited the Holocaust Museum of St. Louis and I met face to face with a survivor and heard her story. In fact, I worked for a survivor by the name of Barbara Grossberg.

This project puts focus on the children. These children who did not grow up and who did not get to play like other…

Pencil, Pen, Marker or Crayon...We can do it!

Many of us here in Bloggerville and around the Cyber World actually write letters. Yeah, you know, that thing done with a pen and paper (or if you prefer crayons hee hee!) I have received some wonderful cards and letters from people I have never met and I appreciate everyone of them. Do you know what it is like to receive good mail? My loyal readers, I promise I will have a follow up about that at another time. 
However, today I want to talk about some other people who need to hear from us. The people who have served our country proudly need to receive the written word from us.

As in the past, the American Red Cross is collecting holiday cards for those soldiers and families who are in the military hospitals.

They need to hear this holiday season that we still care, that we appreciate them and we thank them for their service to us and our country.
I am asking you today to write a letter or send a card right now, right this minute.

Here is the address:
Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO Box 5456