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10 Thoughts Tuesday...the sleepy addition

1. I am on vacation unofficially! I have a class tomorrow but after that, whoo hoo!

2, Tamirisc and I are going to Manitou for the weekend. It is the weekend before his birthday (on Monday) and that is where he wanted to go. I am in total agreement of course. Why wouldn't I? It is beautiful there. See?

3. The last time we were there snow was on the ground and it was cold. It will be nice to go up there this time in the Summer.
4. Did I mention Tamirisc is going to be 50 years old. Just sayin'.
5. As I mentioned before, I am almost done with classes for the Summer. I have  two full classes left and then final next Wed. I am going to be sooooooo glad to have that over with.
6. Of course then I start over in August. As I write, I have 14 hours on the books right now. I am thinking about adding another class. However, this class would be a fun one...tap dance!

7. I don't know, do you think it is crazy to take a tap dance class. I mean with all my back and leg problems?
8. Seri…

Meet Me Monday #6

Hello fellow blog folk. We are at another addition of Meet Me Monday. Hosted by the lovely host of Never Growing Old. Want to join in the fun? Click on the grab button, link up and go for it! The more the merrier I say. :)


1. What is your favorite sandwich?Hmm...I am not sure I really have a favorite sandwich. I mean I like bologna and cheese sandwich. However, I like a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich too. 

2. What is stashed under your bed/mattress?I'm afraid to look!

3. What is your favorite flower?Hands down, roses in particular red!

4. What is your favorite magazine?Ummmm.....again, I like a variety.

5. How often do you weigh yourself?Only occassionally.
Peace...Naila Moon

Sometimes it is just better to go back to bed

You know, there are days, like today for example, that you just wish you had stayed in bed. Or if nothing else could push a button for a restart.

My day started out with me having severe stomach issues. However, I just thought I would not let that get to me and go on with the day.  For the most part it didn't bother me much but I will still kind of sick.

I had breakfast as usual with Tamirisc out on the balcony. We were discussing a trip we are going to be taking next weekend and I was renting a car on line.  This is when the trouble for the rest of the day started.

I was just getting ready to take my credit card out to enter the numbers when another credit card flew out of my wallet. It was like slow motion as it flew out and I tried to grab it only for it to go flying off of the balcony. Thats right, over the side it went! I was yelling for my hubby to go and see if it landed on the parking lot (we live 6 floors up) and trying desperately to see if it had landed below us.

My hub…

Shout out to...

This shout out goes to Paper Mama for her help on a tiny project. I appreciate all the help you did for me (not really knowing me) because frankly, I can be techno ridiculous at times.
Many thanks!!!

It's Follow Friday!

It's follow Friday and frankly I am not sure what to do. I am new to this particular blog hop so be gentle.hmmmm?

          Do I laugh?

Do I sing? (La la la )
Do I dance?

Really, do I do anything?

 I know, I know, I know just what to do!

 I will say HI to YOU! Happy Friday!

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10 Thoughts Tuesday

1. I decided to go back to doing 10 thoughts Tuesday. I guess I just missed doing it. You know it was kinda habit forming.
2. I am glad to see others still post 10 thoughts...nice very nice.
2. I am going to start cross posting these thoughts on Blogger. I have found a nice little nitch there. (hello everyone)
3. Blogger feels like X-ply used to. I suppose I can never get away from X-ply though because I have some really fab friends here that I would surely miss. I am glad to be making new ones there.
4. It is pushing 100 degrees today and the hubby wants me to make him my famous...well it isn't that famous...chili. 

I think he is a little nuts!     
5. Did you ever wonder why they call it chili? It is not cold after all.
6. I went to school this Summer and I really should have taken it off. I am so freakin' tired!!!!
7. Fall semester is only like 3 weeks away. Oh my gosh!
8. The hubby is having his 50th birthday a week from next Monday. We are planning to go to Man…

Meet Me On Monday & stuff

Hi, my name is Naila Moon...well, at least that is what I go by here. I have several other blogs but am devoting this one to the stuff. Ya know, all the stuff that just does not fit elsewhere. If you want to read my other stuff I would be most gracious if you do.

As I said in the title, I am a "Meet Me Monday" virgin. I am happy to meet you all and hope to get to know you a little as I get to know you. I love the virtual world as I live in the real. *grins*

So on to it for this week:

1. What do your normally eat for breakfast?

I usually eat whatever the hubby cooks for me. This could include cereal or pancakes. Maybe it will be cantaloupe or yogurt.

2.  What kind of vehicle do you drive?

Since my son wrecked my car two years ago I do not drive a car. On occasion we will rent a car but for the most part both of us ride the city bus.
This is what my car looked like before my son wrecked it.

3.  Have you ever met a famous person(s)?

I met some baseball player when I was in high sch…