Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10 #Halloween Fun Facts and Musical Countdown

For me, when it comes to Halloween, it all about fun. I enjoy the colors, dressing up, candy, hayrides, and yes, the scares too. Although, admittedly, I HATE being scared.

I do not like the blood and guts kind of stuff. I am not really sure when Halloween became synonymous with that either. I also don't get the whole sexy costumes either but I guess, that is just me.

Here are 10 Halloween fun facts in no particular order:

1. $2 billion dollars is spent every year on Halloween candy alone. What is your favorite?

2. If you are in Hollywood on Halloween, you cannot use any silly string or you will be fined $1000.

3. Jack-o-lanterns were originally made out of turnips. This was based off of the legend of Stingy           Jack.

4. Samhainaphobia is the fear of Halloween.

5. The famous magician, Harry Houdini, died on Halloween night in 1926. Some people still hold           seances to hear from him.

6. Although Salem, MA is probably most well know for being the Halloween "Capital", Anoka, MN       also claims this honor.

7. The largest pumpkin grown thus far was weighed in at 2032 pounds. This record was set last year       (2013) by farmer, Tim Mathison.

8. There are no words that rhyme with orange.

9. Halloween is the second largest industry seller next to Christmas.

10. The most popular Halloween costume to wear every year is the "witch".

Sunday, October 19, 2014

#MondaysMusicMovesMe....#Halloween Countdown Continues

I am back for another week of Mondays Music Moves Me with the musical gals hosted by Xmas Dolly. Her back up crew of Stacy, Callie, Cathy, and Becca are top notch. Aren't I lucky to be joining them this week again as co-host?

I apologize for not getting around to any of you last week. I don't have an excuse really. Cobwebs in the brain? I dunno.  I promise, I will be by this week!

I seemed to have failed miserably at keeping up with my daily Halloween music post. I don't know about that either. Maybe the zombies this weekend ate my brains?

What I do know is we have another "freebie" week which is good so, maybe I can catch up with some spook-tacular Halloween music.

Up first: If you know me at all, you know I sometimes like listening to the old crooners. This guy is one of my favs.

Next up: This guy must have liked Halloween a lot more than was first thought. He has several songs that lends themselves to the holiday.  Of course we all know his most famous video. Don't we? Have you heard this one?

Moving on: I offer this one. This singer is new to me. However, I like the beat and the haunting intro to the song.

Finally: This comes directly from one of my more favorite Halloween movies that has become what I think to be a classic. I like the singer of course!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

#MondaysMusicMovesMe #Halloween Countdown...day 13

Howl-lo everybody! I am back after a few days of chaos. I missed posting my musical days but I had messed up my blog and had to take a few days to fix it. Do you like the changes?

Since it is the 13th of the month that means a couple of things. First, it is my son's . He is 25 today which is hard to believe in my mind. This is my baby, folks!

Today is also Monday and that always means Monday's Music. The gals there, you know them, Becca, Cathy, Callie,  Stacy, and of course, Marie, have asked me to fill in this week as a co-host since Cathy is taking a tiny break. In fact, I will be here the rest of the month. Wheee.......


So, this week is a freebie week which is a good thing since I need to carry on with my Halloween theme. I have decided to do a little catch up with the last few songs I have missed posting. Hope you have a howl-ling good time with them! Warning: Some are a bit creep-tastic!

First up: 

This gals voice is sultry which makes for the song she is singing even spookier.

Next: I think it is funny to see the caliber of Susan Sarandon in this cult classic but, a classic it is!

Finally: Since it is my son's birthday, (even though he does not read my blog) this one is for him. He is a huge fan!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#Review: Hercules FireKing E-lock Steel Key Cabinet #shopletreviews

Displaying Rev 11.JPG 

Recently, I received the Hercules FireKing Electronic E-lock Steel Key Cabinet from shoplet.com.
This cabinet is made from chrome plated material and comes in black. It is light weight and measure at a mere 12 inches high with a 3/4 width x 2 1/2 in depth. The swings open without any effort to the user.

Displaying Rev 8.JPG    

The cabinet comes with easy instructions, two emergency entry keys, 4AA batteries, 30 count white plastic key hangers, and mounting equipment.

The white plastic hangers are writable so that you can easily identify each key in the box. The numerals make it also easy to hang on the piano like keys and return to proper placement within the box itself.

The electronic key pad utilizes the 4 AA batteries for locking security which includes up to 8 numerical combinations. If a red flashing light is seen then it is time to replace the batteries.

A slot in the top of the box makes keys easily dropped into the cabinet without opening the box. In addition documents, small photos, or cash can be stored in this FireKing.
It is wall mountable or can remain portable.

Thank you shoplet,com for allowing me to review this fine product.

Disclosure: I received this item for free for my open and honest opinion or that of my household. The reviews expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon

#Halloween Musical Countdown Day 8

*said in spookiest Dracula voice* Velcome back to day 8 of the spook-tacular musical countdown. I am your Crypt Keeper who spins the tunes around the cobwebs in the house...the haunted house that is.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#Halloween Musical Countdown Day 7

Hello my bois and gurls. I missed a couple of days due to illness and just plain ole late today...THE HORROR. However, I am back with musical selections that are plain frightening...or are they?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

#Giveaway: JORD Wood Watch

Welcome to the JORD Wood Watches - $159 Gift Certificate Giveaway Event

Many people like to wear watches. Many people like to wear nice watches of excellent quality. These watches have both.

What if we could create watches made from diverse woods from all over the world? What if we could combine various grains and their natural colors to create a line of watches that ensures every watch is truly unique?

That was the night JORD was born...

Since that time, we have become obsessed with using natural materials to offer a unique fashion flare. Our wood watches are one of a kind, premium quality time pieces, hand-crafted with sustainable materials from all over the world.

JORD, Telling more than time...

Check out the 94A SERIES Chocolate

The 94A is Jord's first mixed material watch, presented with a squared dial and metallic face. The gridded center echoes the styling of the multi-sized link band. With clean lines and angled features the 94A maintains a distinct masculinity. Industrious and established watch wearers will be drawn to the streamlined styling of this timepiece.
  • Double Locking Fold-Over Clasp
  • Scratch Resistant Mineral
  • Citizen Miyota Quartz Movement (2035)
  • Case Width: 42mm
  • Case Thickness: 12mm
  • Lug Ends: 48mm
  • Band Length: 222mm
  • Band Thickness: 26mm & 37mm
Each JORD watch is designed to be splash proof but is not intended for complete submergence in water. Also note that due to the nature of the wood chosen for each unique timepiece, colors and grain pattern may vary from photos.

One of you readers can win your choice of watches from JORD!

Just enter the giveaway form below for multiple ways to win!

Learn more and connect
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Naila Moon of Just The Stuff Ya Know is not responsible for any prize fulfillment.  This giveaway is sponsored by Jord. JamericanSpice received a product to help facilitate the review. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook or any other social media outlet.